The Fall of Cinderella is LIVE

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The Fall of Cinderella by K.  Street

The Fall of Cinderella

by K. Street

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New Teaser for The Fall of Cinderella

The Fall of Cinderella *Cover reveal September 1st. Releasing this fall* Add it to your TRB Here>

One perfect life.
Two uniformed officers.
Three acts of betrayal.
Four beats of a heart.
Five words that will destroy her.
Once upon a time, Tessa Salinger had it all.
She discovered that fairy tales were nothing more than extravagant lies dressed up in lavish clothes.
In reality…Cinderella falls.TFoC_K_Street_rockbottom (1).jpg

Unleashing My Inner Fangirl.

Over the last two weeks, I’ve had the incredible opportunity to meet some amazing people in the book community. Fellow authors, bloggers and awesome event coordinators. I unleashed my inner fangirl over my readers. It was almost embarrassing. I had to remind myself to breathe.

A lovely woman by the name of Melissa, bought my book from Amazon and actually brought it to an author event for me to sign. It was such a surreal moment for me. She was a total stranger. We don’t share DNA and we weren’t childhood friends. And she bought my book. I tried to keep the crazy excitement in check. I’m sure I failed miserably.

I found myself asking the readers for pictures and I’ve had to pinch myself more than once over the last two weeks. So thank you to everyone who showed up to support me, especially my tribe. Thank you for giving me incredible memories and for reading my words. I’m blown away. Here are a few of the highlights.