2018 The Highlight Reel and the Real

I’m one of those people who tends to brush off accomplishments. To dismiss the accolades when I’ve met a goal. Compliments make me feel weird, because I’m not any better than anyone else. I don’t see myself that way. I’m just over here doing my thing and cheering everyone else on while they do theirs.

I was tempted to let 2018 quietly fade away. It was a hard year for a lot of people and a lot of those people were my friends. I’ve had years like that. When my life was devastated at every turn. Years of loss, struggle, and heartache. 2014… rocked my world to its core and shook the very foundation of my family. 2017… left scars on my heart that have yet to fully heal.

For me though, 2018 is a year I want to reflect on. It was a year of personal growth and positive changes. I met goals and hit personal milestones that were a big deal for me. Pie in the sky moments. I want to acknowledge that and let go of the mindset that it’s in poor character to do so. I want to look back on this post and remember the great moments of 2018.

  • I wrote my third book with the hope that it would break the top 1000 on Amazon overall. Everything I Never Wanted hit #97 and sat there for an hour. That was 60 minutes of HUGE pie in the sky. *Thank you to every single person that made it possible. I’m so grateful to my readers for making it happen.
  • I wrote my fourth book that will publish in eleven days.
  • I won my spot as a signing author at LoveNVegas. Readers voted for me in a “blind” reading. No cover. No title. No identifying information. Just words. And they picked me. I’m still so blown away by that.
  • Tantor Media purchased the audio rights to Everything I Never Wanted. It did well enough that Tantor also purchased the audio rights to my debut novel, Healing the Broken, and my soon to release title, Everything Worth Fighting For. *Surprise audio lovers. While I announced the news about Healing the Broken, I didn’t share the news of EWFF. I dreamed of getting one audio contract, I ended the year with three. *Pie in the sky.
  • I met Teddy Hamilton, one of the narrators that worked on Everything I Never Wanted and for the second time in my life, I had a fangirl moment. *Back in the day, I saw Emmitt Smith. At the time he played for the Dallas Cowboys.
  • I attended two signings as an author and one as a reader. I was recognized “in the wild” at the event I wasn’t signing at by a few readers. They wanted a picture…with ME. I am so in awe of that, still.
  • I met so many of my readers and felt so honored every single time I was asked to sign something for them.
  • I built relationships.
  • In October, with my husband’s support, I took a huge leap of faith and left my day job of almost 19 years to take a year off and focus on my writing. This was my biggest pie in the sky moment. I was a nanny and worked for the same family for all those years. *Considering their last kiddo started college this past fall…it was time.

Then there were the other moments. The ones with a lot of tears. Extreme lack of sleep to the point of total physical and mental exhaustion. Months of working a full-time day job while writing full time. Stress that resulted in tension headaches and being physically sick. I missed deadlines and had near breakdowns. I was plagued by self-doubt. There were moments I wanted to give up. If it hadn’t been for my husband and my besties, M and C, I would have been rocking a straight-jacket like nobody’s business. There were days I’m certain my body was equal parts caffeine and dry shampoo.

It’s human nature to focus on the negative. To let the really great moments, get overshadowed by the not so great moments. So, my wish for you in 2019 is that you’ll all have really great moments. Moments so fantastic they outshine the hard ones. And when you have a win, let yourself enjoy it. Commit it to memory. You’re allowed to be happy.

Everything Worth Fighting For

Nash and Macy’s story releases 01/11/2019



Whatever you wanted to call it, Macy Caldwell was mine.

She had a chance to get out of this town, but she refused to take it.

She was going to give up everything for me.

I wasn’t worth that kind of sacrifice.

In order to save her, I had to break her.



The night Nash Masters broke my heart was the catalyst for the ruin that came after.

All these years later, he was fighting for my forgiveness.

He had no idea I was the one who needed his.

The truth didn’t always set you free.

They said love conquered all, but this was war.

And everything worth having was worth fighting for.


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Happy Fall Y’all !

Tons of exciting news to share!
In case you haven’t heard Everything I Never Wanted, my sweet and sexy
single-dad contemporary romance, is coming to audio on October 30, 2018.
It has been produced by Tantor Media and will be narrated by Callie Dalton
and Teddy Hamilton. I love audio books and I’m so excited to be partnering
with the amazing folks at Tantor to bring Tucker and Camryn’s story to life.
I’m currently writing Everything Worth Fighting For. If you read Everything I
Never Wanted, you met Nash and Macy. Everything Worth Fighting For is
their story. It’s a second chance at romance for these childhood
sweethearts. One full of love, heartache and oh so many feels.

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Everything I Never Wanted is LIVE

*Single Dad Alert*

My newest release, Everything I Never Wanted is now available exclusively on Amazon and it’s included with your Kindle Unlimited subscription.

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You can read the blurb below, but first, check out what others are saying about this sexy, swoon-worthy, contemporary romance.

“It’s rare that a book comes along and pulls me in so flawlessly.” – Rose Hudson (author)

“…in a book world full of billionaires, Street gives us a more than sexy, blue collar single dad H in Tucker. This book is MUST read if 2018.” M.S. Amazon review

“You ever want to just hug a book? Like squeeze it and cherish it forever and ever because it was just that good? That’s exactly how I feel about Everything I Never Wanted.” -Goodreads review from  Red Hatter Book Blog


A single dad, contemporary romance standalone.

This wasn’t supposed to be my life.

One phone call was all it took to bring me back to the small town I had grown up in. Everything had changed, and staying away was no longer an option.

Four and a half years later, I was a widowed single father still here, still trying to pick up the pieces. We were doing just fine on our own, my little girl and me.

At least, we were until Camryn Parker stumbled into our lives. The woman was like a tornado after a hurricane; she was the storm I never saw approaching. Behind her beauty and sarcastic wit, she was just as broken as I pretended not to be. As hard as I tried to resist, it was impossible not to fall in love with her.

In the end, it took nearly losing it all for me to realize everything I never wanted was exactly what I needed.